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                                            Sugon City Cloud Computing Center
                                            Information: Applying the critical technologies such as virtualization and cloud storage, Wuxi City Cloud Computing Center is capable to effectively increase equipment utilization ratio and reduce overall possession cost. Wuxi City Cloud Computing Center is a demonstrative cloud computing application base intended to provide the individuals, research institutions, enterprises and governments in many fields like internet of things, animation publicity, industrial design, electronic commerce, electronic government affairs etc with high-quality cloud computing services. "Phase-1" construction of Wuxi City Cloud Computing Center was completed in November 2010; the peak-value processing performance of the center measures at 50 trillion times per second, and will be gradually extended up to 200 trillion times.
                                            Website: http://www.sugon.com
                                            Wuxi Telecom Internet Data Center
                                            Introduction: The computer rooms of Wuxi Telecommunication Internet Data Center were constructed per China Telecom class-A IDC computer room standard. Supported by the excellent, high-speed network quality and strong technical advantages of China Telecom, the computer rooms provide various network service providers with excellent host computer maintenance entrustment and relevant data services. Customers are provided with fully dimensional services including: stable and reliable server maintenance entrustment and equipment rental services, high-speed broadband internet access services, professional system managements etc.
                                            Website: http://idc.wuxi.cn/
                                            Wuxi New District --- China Telecom BPO (Call Center) Industry Base
                                            Introduction: Based on China Telecom Jiangsu Company NGCC call center platforms and seats, Wuxi New District --- China Telecom BPO (Call Center) Industry Base mainly provides the customers in west China or even all over the country with professional outsourcing call center services including resource rental business, business flow outsourcing, and value added services. Location: iPark Phase-1 Block A


                                            Recreational facilities
                                            Gymnasium [Mr. CHENG, department director 85385269-8501]
                                            Located at Floor 2 Block C, equipped with more than one hundred various fit keeping devices, and open to the enterprises in the Park Zone at noon of workdays.
                                            Comprehensive club:
                                            Location: Floor 1-2 Block Aquarius Phase-2
                                            Content of service: Including indoor badminton court, yoga club and various sports rooms, table tennis room, billiard room, gymnasium, chess and poker room etc; meanwhile large-scale activity site audiovisual and sound amplification systems are available.

                                            Contact person: Mr. CHENG, department director, 85385269-8501

                                            Football court
                                            Location: Respectively located at Jinghu Commercial Street opposite Zhenze Road, and nearby Hefeng Road
                                            Price of use: To be used at no charges
                                            Digital library
                                            Location: Floor 2 Block Aquarius
                                            Content of service: The library is featured by Alliance Periodicals, dominated by electronic reading, assisted by physical books and magazines; currently available of 110,000 kinds of academic periodicals, more than 400 kinds of real-time electronic newspapers, 3,000 kinds of documents in foreign languages, 45 remote vocational education courses, and more than 40,000 sets of various vocational qualification and national examination question bank. The library is supportively operated with iPark coffee bars, warm coffee, teahouse and background music provide readers with comfortable and quiet reading environments. Price of use: Operated in line with the New District Library, Issuance of cards on presentation of identity card, borrowing of books for reading at no charges.
                                            Supporting apartments

                                            iPark Phase-1
                                            Location: Block F SOHO apartment building offers 227 comfortable rooms ranging from high-class suites, to single rooms, double-bed rooms, four-bed rooms, six-bed rooms, etc.
                                            Facilities: Laundry room, gymnasiums

                                            iPark Phase-2
                                            Location: Apartment buildings like Libra and Scorpio offers 688 rooms ranging from single rooms, to double-bed rooms, four-bed rooms, six-bed rooms, etc; whereof Block Pisces offers 12 high-class suites.

                                            Public facility rental

                                            Public facility rental
                                            In order to facilitate the enterprises in the Park Zone, public facility rentals are made available. The detailed rental prices and specifications are available by calling at: 400-8228-510
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