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                                            Area of 4,788 km2, population of 4.7174 million;
                                            One of the 15 central cities in China;
                                            The 3rd best commercial city in China (2008 Forbes China);
                                            The 7th Most Competitive City in China
                                            (China Academy of Social Science);
                                            Wuxi is the cradle of national commerce and industry as well as China's township enterprises;
                                            South Microelectronics Industry Base and National Microelectronics High-tech Industry Base;
                                            Wuxi photovoltaic solar industry ranks 1st, IC manufacture ranks 2nd, IC design ranks 4th and software industry ranks 5th in China;
                                            In 2010, Regional GDP reached RMB 575.8 billion and total government revenue tops RMB 157.9 billion.




                                            Expressway: to reach Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou in two hours of driving radius.
                                            Aviation: Wuxi Airport (South Jiangsu Province International Airport) is located in Wuxi New District with daily flights to some 30 destinations home and abroad.
                                            Expressway & Railway: traffic hub
                                            of east China, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway , Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Highway .

                                            Delicacy foods
                                            (Wuxi local delicacy)
                                            The main delicacy streets in the city include: Chong'an Temple 2nd Floor Huangting Delicacy World, Nanchan Temple Commercial World and Delicacy Street, Zhongshan Road Delicacy Foods and Shopping Street.

                                            (Wuxi specialty: sauced pork ribs)
                                            Well reputed brand of a long history, sauced pork ribs are absolute specialty foods.
                                            Introduction: Original Wuxi sauced pork ribs are locally made in big pieces of delicious meat; crispy and spicy when bitten, it tastes sweet without feeling greasy. In the early morning on each day, it can be seen that a long queue is lining up in front of the selling unit. Fried dishes are also available, mostly traditional Wuxi dishes.

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